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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Latest Project - Breathless in the Bush

I've been working on the banner and blog for the Breathless in the Bush writing group. A lovely group of writers who will be finding their blogging legs.

They've opened up their blog and everyone is invited to the party on the 24th August on their blog. Check it out below.

Breathless In the Bush: YOU'RE INVITED!!: Come celebrate with us.   Whether you're a romance reader, writer, or other, you'll enjoy blogging with  Breathless in the Bush...


Monday, January 20, 2014

Cover for Shona Husk

I'm proud to show you the book cover design for author, Shona Husk.

It's for the second book in the 'In the Bottle' series, called Temptation in a Bottle. Great story! It's coming out in late January.

Can you imagine the hard work looking for good looking men that were Tempting with a capital 'T'. Yes it was a tough job but someone had to to it.


Thursday, October 03, 2013

Catch up

Life has been quite busy for me this year. As a consequence, blogging has been neglected.

Here is a quick catch up of designs I've done.... yep there has been a few items that I hadn't put on the blog even before I last blogged. Bad HelzKat!

So here is a round up of the designs. Click image to see a bigger version.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Logo Design: The Claytons Conference

I'm happy to present to you this year's logo for The Claytons Conference.

The Claytons is the online conference for those who can't make the face-to-face conference of the Romance Writers of Australia.

Information on this conference should be coming up soon in Hearts Talk and the website, so keep a look out.

From the images I had sourced, the Claytons coordinator, Dana, liked this image to go with the Claytons 'Be The Book' and wanted the font colour to be like the sparkles. I therefore focused on the lettering and shadowing them so the colour of the font wouldn't be washed out.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Book Cover: Claire Baxter

I'm excited to show off the cover for Claire Baxter's latest release.

I played around with the fonts a little more than usual and different sizing. While Photoshop Elements isn't designed for text with a little bit of fiddling, it did what I wanted it to do. 

I totally see this cover as a team effort. Claire was a joy to work with. 

The other amazing thing. The cover has finalled in the Ebook Indie Cover Awards for March. How cool is that?!!!

Check out Claire's book on Amazon