Prices will vary depending on the complexity of the design and time spent on the project. Please review the Getting a Design information.

UPDATED 14 JUNE 2019 - CHANGE IN CUSTOMISED longer has a limit on revisions

Pre-made Book Covers....

Basic e-book cover ... $30
Standard e-book cover ... $45
Premium e-book cover ...$65

  • Stock images included in design price.
  • Title, Author name and subtitle can be changed.
  • Any changes to the image requires an additional fee depending on the complexity of the request. 
  • Add an additional $80 for a print full cover wrap based on e-book cover design. 
  • Covers will be one-off designs that will be removed from the Pre-made cover gallery once the design has been paid for.
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Customised Book Covers...

e-book front cover only... starts* from $140
Print full cover wrap only ... starts* from $180

e-book + print full cover wrap package ... starts* from $280

Banners.... starts* from $110

Business Cards... additional $30 (based on a a banner design)

Promo Ads... starts* from $70

Blog/Website Customisation...  starts from $500

Banner + Blog / Website customisation package... starts* from $580

* Up to 2 stock images are included in the design price. Additional fees will be added for additional stock images.

All prices are in Australian dollars. No GST is charged.
Payment is via PayPal.