Getting a Design

Contacting HelzKat Designs

If you are interested in getting a design done by HelzKat Designs, contact her by email or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

helzkatdesigns @
(no spaces)

Please state what type of design you would like and any details you may have, such as turn around time.

For Pre-made covers, send the details of the product chosen, author name and book title.

Design information
Designs are composed by using stock images. Manipulation of the images depends on the complexity and type of design.

Please note that all designs use a STANDARD licence from the stock image sites. This includes unlimited web usage but a limited print run of a max of 500,000 prints.

You can't use the design for resale items such as t-shirts or mugs. Nor use the design in a website template that will be sold. If you do want to do this, extended licences of each of the images used in the design is required.


Due to licensing of the the images, the copyright of the design remains with HelzKat Designs, who reserves the right to use it for promotional purposes.

For book covers, please include 'Cover design by HelzKat Designs' on your copyright page.


Non-refundable deposit (% amount varies on type of project) via PayPal.

For prices, please look at the prices page.