Saturday, October 25, 2014

Another cover for Janni Nell

Hold onto your hats, the second in the Sassy Chance series by Janni Nell is out coming out November 2014!!

Another fun project to work on. Devlin, A Date, and Me has fun, romance and suspense and more...

Sassy Chance is broke, unemployed and in danger of losing her house. Then three things happen. First, she gets a job interview with her idol, the fabulous shoe designer Rosa Gray Delarno. Second, she is followed by a man she suspects is The Shoe Bandit—an infamous thief who steals shoes right off the feet of fashionable women. Third, she goes on a date with Devlin Fox, the mysterious martial arts expert and sort-of, kind-of private investigator.

Will Sassy get the job, save her house and win Devlin’s heart? More importantly, will she save her shoes from The Shoe Bandit?

Keep an eye out for it's release!!



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