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Blog customization is available, especially for those bloggers wanting to set up a blog in Blogger and who don't know how. I have set up blogs using Blogger for my writing persona, Eleni Konstantine, as well as for writing groups. If you want to use other platforms, that can be negotiated. 

I use Weebly for website design.

Here are examples of my work from the latest to the oldest.

click image if you want to see a bigger picture. 

Weebly customisation

Bella Bucannon
Cassandra Samuels

DarkSide Downunder

Eleni Konstantine

2nd image is uses Blogger

Infinity Dreaming

Maggie Mundy

Virgina Taylor


Blogger customisation

Eleni's Library
Bootcamper 101 Writing Drills

Dark Side DownUnder (blog - older version)