Monday, November 03, 2014

Oh the horror!

I am pleased as punch with my latest design - a sci-fi horror cover! J.M. Thorne's Watching.

Chilling isn't it?

"They come to see us bleed."

Captured by aliens, Roo is bled to near death in performances for their viewing pleasure. His survival depends on how long he can last during his time on the stage. The longer he survives the more rewards he gets, which will prolong his life. The longer he lasts the more opportunity he has to succeed in turning others against the aliens. But that’s not easy when you have to perform each night in a show that bleeds you to close to death.

Even more chilling, right?!

Get your copy at Smashwords - currently FREE as a Halloween Special 
(yes Halloween is over but the goodness hasn't ended yet!)

and on Amazon.

Check out J.M.'s website.


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