Saturday, October 04, 2014

Project round up - three very different designs

I've been keeping out of trouble and working hard on more projects. Three that I can reveal.

Promotional banner ads
I've done my first promotional ads for the lovely Barbara DeLeo. Her latest release come out mid September and I had fun working on two designs - one as a strip banner and one as a postcard.

A non-writerly banner
Once in a while, I do get to do something that is not related to the publishing industry. This time for civil celebrant, Dorothy Shorne of Rites of Passage.  Dorothy is still working on the revamp of her website so it's not up yet. Can't wait to see the banner in the field, so to speak.

Website and banner

I've just finished a project that took quite a few hours as websites always do. While I do base my websites on Weebly templates, I do tweak the coding to get what I want as was the case for Cassandra Samuels. Cassandra writes historical romance stories in the Regency era and we wanted the banner and website to be just so - to have the elaborate designs  but the subtlety and the grace of the era as well. Cassandra chose a lovely design from Shutterstock that was rejigged to suit her purposes.



  1. They're fabulous, Helen. Well done!

  2. You've been busy, Helen! These look great.

  3. What a talented person you are, Helen. Very impressive designs.

  4. Wow! So spectacular!
    Can't wait to have you design my website (when I finally 'finish the damn book'). ��

  5. Thank you everyone! I appreciate you popping in. :)


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